2013, an original idea for my own Manchester wedding invitations started The Manchester Bee Company. 

Inspired by the Manchester Worker Bee - the ManBeeCo range has since developed and grown 

The worker bee symbol can be seen all around our home city which is still a hive of activity.

Our interpretation of the Manchester Worker Bee is an original copyrighted illustration. 

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We showcase fellow Manchester makers in the BeeHive section.

ManBeeCo is a friendly Mancunian business who work hard to give the best customer service possible. 

To avoid confusion, please be aware that there are now other businesses with similar sounding names. We only use the names The Manchester Bee Company and the abbreviated ManBeeCo. 

Contact ManBeeCo :
Please use the CONTACT form - this can be found in the top headers above.

Please note : The ManBeeCo range has not been designed / made for or specifically marketed after the 2017 Manchester Arena attack. 

We choose not to use our charity work as an advertising tool for our small business.

Polite request  : please do not use our work or photographs without permission - it's only polite to ask first.

Many of our items are our own work + original designs and as such are  therefore copyrighted + the Intellectual Property of ManBeeCo.
This also applies to the work of our valued BeeHive members.